You don't think I'm a little twisted too?
Name's Jo.
Joanna Beth Harvelle but call me Jo. I'm a hunter of all of the things that go bump in the dark. Most of my extended family are. I used to work at the Roadhouse with my mom. Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't kick your ass. Oh, and for those who didn't get the memo, I'm still kicking!
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Atlantis: The Lost Empire Sentence Prompts Meme


Send one of the following sentences to me for my muses response. Taken from Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

  • "But, nobody got hurt. Well, maybe somebody got hurt, but nobody we knew."
  • "What’s it doing in my bed?"
  • "I got your four basic food groups! Beans, bacon, whisky and lard."
  • "Judging from your diminished physique and large forehead, you are suited for nothing else!"
  • "Why don’t you translate, and I’ll wave the gun around?!"
  • "We are like a stone the ocean beats against."
  • "Our lives are measured by the gifts we leave our children."
  • "He died a broken man."
  • "I came down the chimney, ho ho ho."
  • "For once, do the smart thing."
  • "I love it when I win"
  • "Uh, hey, you got a nickname?"
  • "When you hit bottom, the only place left to go is up."
  • "Well, as far as me goes, I just like to blow things up."
  • "Less talk, more saw!"
  • "You better make that 5."
  • "Yeah. Don’t get shot!"
  • ""Okay, now you can go."
  • "I didn’t say it was the smart thing, but it is the right thing."
  • “‘Bout time someone hit him. I’m just sorry it wasn’t me.”
  • "Oh, er… gunpowder, nitroglycerin, notepads, fuses, wicks, glue, and… paper clips, big ones. You know, just, uh, office supplies."
  • "Kid, relax. We don’t get paid overtime."
  • "Get back! I’ve got soap, and I’m not afraid to use it."
  • "Like a kid at Christmas."
  • "Congratulations, you just won the solid-gold kewpie doll."
  • "Mercenary"? I prefer the term "adventure capitalist"
  • " And relax. He doesn’t bite… often."
  • "Geeze, I used to take lunch money from guys like this."
  • "You wanna do my job? Be my guest."
  • "Bring jerky and ammo!"
  • "Excuse me, you dropped your dy…dy…dynamite!"
  • "Don’t move, don’t breathe, don’t do anything. Except pray, maybe…"

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when your partner hasn’t replied to a thread in a while and you were having a lot of feels about it, so now every once in a while you remember it like:


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"What’s wrong with John?" Sherlock furrowed his brows. "Missing person. Not my division." He turned his back to her.

"Nothing’s wrong with Mr. Watson. I just needed to make sure that I had the wrong person." Jo said still standing by the wall next to the door. "Please, Mr. Holmes. I don’t know whether they’re dead but…you’re the only one who can help."

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♬ - jowithaknifecollection



Send me a ♬ and I’ll shuffle my iTunes and whatever song pops up, I’ll use the first line as the starter.

Train: “Happy Birthday Baby”

"I came to make it right; I know it was your birthday, now I do remember, but these days, my mind ain’t right."


"Shifter? I heard werewolf." Sam took a sip and crossed his legs. 

"Who knows with hunters? Half of them think one thing and the others think completely different. I’ll guess we’ll just have to come prepared for both."

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OOC; like for a starter

Anyone want a starter?

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Over the River and Through the Woods I RP with humanbetastilinski/jowithaknifecollection


 ”Yeah, both sides, but, like most Americans, we don’t speak it, read it, understand it, or even eat Polish food. Unless you count baseball stadium Polish hot dogs,” Stiles joked, stretching his arms high and crossing them behind his head. Dirt finally became pavement under his sneakers and he halted when Janie turned to him.

"Uh… what? You do realize it’s on the wrong side of midnight, right? And you’re in a town prone to mass murders. People have been kidnapped and found in pieces in these woods!” Stiles arms waved wildly towards the trees behind him, confused and more confused. Who the hell was this girl and she had to be stupid, or a werewolf. Too bad he didn’t have a camera-oh… ”No way! I’m taking you home and if you don’t trust me I’m calling my dad to drive you! He’s the town Sheriff, so you’re kinda obligated to trust him if you don’t trust me! So pick, my jeep or the Sheriff’s police cruiser,” Stiles ordered firmly, pulling out his phone as he finished, swiping his thumb over the screen to unlock it.

"Okay, Okay. Calm down little Polish boy. I’ll get in the friggin’ Jeep." She said heading towards the monstrous blue monstrosity the guy called a Jeep. Kind of a girly girl for a guy to have, but she figured she’d tease him for it on the drive back to her house. Maybe if she annoyed him enough, he would leave her on the side of the road, and she could just walk to her apartment by herself.

She had dealed with things much worse than werewolves before, and she could handle any humans she could run into, easily. Climbing or more like jumping into the Jeep, she closed the door behind her harshly. She knew that technically he couldn’t force her to get a ride home with him, but she didn’t want him getting the police in on this. But of course this guy just had to be the Sheriff’s son. Of course, there was really nothing else he would ened up being. What with her never-ending luck. Not even turning her head she heard him open the driver seat door and get in the seat next to her in the Jeep. This was going to be a long ride. 

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"I told you already," repeated Loki, "my powers use up a lot of my energy and considering you’ve /stabbed/ me that’s not something I have a lot of."

"Oh, how convient. You can’t prove to me that you’re a god because my ‘wittle knife made you tired? Please, I’ve heard way better excuses before."

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"What kind of proof do you want?” asked Loki weakly, his head swimming in pain as he tried to push himself upright again.

"I don’t know. How about you find your way out of those ropes?" Jo said leaning against the wall of the warehouse they were both currently in.

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Closed RP + Theyoungerwinchesterbrother


"I don’t know. I wasn’t there. He said it was the kid of some guy dad worked with."


"Well, we gotta go find him! I say first we find this hunter friend though."