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salvio hexia | sam & jo



Voyeuristic was the only word for this type of spying. (He just wanted to know.) Usually, Sam was able to deny himself the pleasure of indulging in this type of pointless curiosity but hey — he’d just won the game last night, why not reward himself. After endless minutes of Dean and Jo laying down next to each other, Sam was starting to wonder if this was really a reward, or just some twisted form of punishment. Yeah — he needed out.

Sam had been about to turn and leave when a familiar voice filled his ear, causing him to blush cherry red instantly. His fucking crush. What were the odds?

"Sam? What’re you doin’ here?" Jess questioned, holding her broom as she approached him donning robes of dark blue and silver.

"Er, I… I just… I was about to, erm…"

Jess was already peering around him in search of the real answer, and clarity crossed her face the moment she spotted Jo and Dean. “Spying?”

"What? No, no way. "

A pointed look informed Sam that Jess didn’t appreciate his lying to her. “Oh, well, in that case — how ‘bout you and I use that side of the field?” She tugged his sleeve, pulling him out onto the field against his will. “Hey Jo, hi Dean!” she called out.

Sam swatted at the back of his head as he fake itched it, “Hey,” he called out alongside Jess, who seemed to think it appropriate to approach Jo and Dean.

Jo rolled her eyes at Dean and rested her weight on her arm as she lied down. “And here I was thinking that your puns couldn’t get any worse, but yet I was wrong.” Jo said sticking her tongue out at Dean when she saw the offended look on his face.

She knew that he thought he was funny, and the girls who would laugh at anything that came out of his mouth surely didn’t help with his view of himself as a comedian. Those girls annoyed the hell out of her, although she knew that they felt the same way about her. Especially when she called them out for their stalking on Dean. At least he had dropped her and Sam’s conversation. Man, he took over protective older brother to a new level.

Hearing a voice calling her name Jo looked up and saw Jess standing there, with Sam.

"Hey guys. Do you wanna sit?" Jo asked motioning to the grass next to her and Dean. That’s strange running into Sam so soon. She had barely seen the guy at school before even though they were in the same year, but today she’d seen him twice in a period of thirty minutes.

Watching Jess sit down on the grass.and Jo looked up at Sam and gave him a smile motioning towards the grass for him to sit. 

Not a normal Disney Fairytale (jowithaknifecollection)



Eyes widening as she saw what Sam had done for the girl. It was really sweet to see how much he actually cared for the little kids. It was times like these when she didn’t understand how he could act so differently out of costume. Yeah, she didn’t really help by egging him on, but nine times out of ten he was the one that supplied the lighter for the fire.

Seeing Sam look up and catch her eyes, Jo sent him a smile. This time it was genuine unlike the usual ones she used to fake it for the cameras. She didn’t really use it that often, heck not even in front of her friends.

Ridding herself of the smile and placing her normal one back in its place, she subtly  motioned towards the parents who had their cameras out for a picture. Jo really didn’t want to rush him and the little girl,not because of how adorable the two of them looked but mostly because she her little body was still latched onto Sam’s chest.

And she did not look like she was going to be lettin soon any time soon. But, the parents wanted to spend time with their daughter, which was understandable. She was adorable.

Crouching down by the two of them, Jo putting her hand on the girl’s shoulder. “Princess? Would you possibly grace us with a picture? To capture your coronation.” she said smiling down at the little girl.

The smaller girl smiled brightly up at the princess, nodding her head vigorously. She quickly jumped off of Sam, allowing him to stand and brush the dirt off of his costume, but the little girl was still practically glued to his leg. Admiration shined in her eyes as she looked up to him.

Giving her a sheepish grin he ruffled the girl’s hair. Careful not to mess with the crown on her head, he knelt down and smiled at the camera— motioning for Rapunzel to get in the picture.

"Smile for the camera." 

After the picture was taken and the girl’s parents motioned for her to go with them, the little girl wrapped her small arms around Sam’s legs in a parting squeeze and ran off with her parents. Jo smiled at the sight and quickly dropped the smile when she noticed that Sam was watching her.

"What?" Jo asked looking away from him, and quickly putting her Rapunzel smile back on her face. 

Over the River and Through the Woods I RP with humanbetastilinski/jowithaknifecollection



"Only feign ignorance. That implies you know all about it," Stiles pointed out, arms crossed over his chest. He quickly uncrossed his arms when he accidentally threw them in darkness again. "I’m an adrenaline junkie with a reckless streak a mile wide. I hope you like your answer."

The girl looked suspicious and like she wasn’t buying what he selling. If he had a bit more light, he’d probably be able about to see the zero amount of “taking his bullshit” on her face. He smirked at the thought. 

"And I’m Stiles. Well, this has been great. Fantastic first impression. How about we go get some coffee and donuts and glare threateningly over it?" Stiles offered sarcastically. "Of course, nothing beats angry glaring in the woods, in the middle of the night, where people have died. Real awesome."

"How can I know all about it when you keep beating around the bush about what it it?" Jo answered him. She knew that she should be careful about what she was saying, but now she was certain. He knew exactly what she was talking about, and he was involved with it somehow.

She was leaning towards him being close with the wolves, not him actually being one. Maybe it was a family member or something. Even so she couldn’t have him telling the others that she knew about them, or she would be royally screwed. Wouldn’t want to screw up the case before she had even officially started it.

"As amazing as that offer sounds I’m gonna have to say…no." Jo said with a smirk crossing over her face. This guy was strange to say the least, but he knew something about the wolves, and that was the only thing she cared about.




{Sam} Completely, actually.

{Sam} Are you there now?

{Jo} I’m about to be

{Jo} Got to grab something real quick

Super Wolf AU I Onehaleofabeta


The alpha snarled at her repetitive nickname. “You ought to learn some respect,” he muttered angrily under his breath. “There are sewers everywhere,” he pointed out obviously and rolled his eyes.

Jo turned on her heel and glared at the wolf. “Yes I know that smart ass. Are there any openings to get there?” Jo said raising her eyebrow questioningly. This wolf was getting on her nerves, but she had to finish the case and if he insisted that he be there, then she was fresh out of luck.

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{Jo} hey I need your help
{Jo} it has to do with taking down a rogue hunter

[Der] Where and when?

{Jo} Near your place actually
{Jo} Los Angeles


{Jo} hey are you bored?
{Jo} want to come hang out by the lake?